Fitness Training Programs in Conshohocken and Philadelphia

Prime Intensity Training is not your average gym. We offer an unconventional fitness program for all body types. Whether your goals are losing weight, running your first marathon, or simply feeling better overall, we can provide a training program for you. There is something for everyone at Prime Intensity Training. Our offerings include a variety of different classes that build strength, muscle, stamina, and endurance in every possible way. Are you ready to see results?



Monthly Classes Memberships


These monthly memberships can include a variety of our intense PIT classes. Pick from our 4, 8, 12, 16, or UNLIMITED monthly packages!

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Buddy Training

$350.00 / Person

With our Buddy Training Package, you and a friend get 10 buddy training sessions and 10 FREE PIT Classes! Share your love of PIT with a friend.

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Personal Training
10 x 20 Pack


Our 10 x 20 Pack is the best value – it includes 10 personal training sessions and 20 FREE PIT Classes! Jump-start your your workout with PIT.

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“Matt Ramey and Pat Williams make you feel so good. They push you and make your experience fun, but very challenging. I lost 3 pants sizes in one month! The atmosphere is amazing, they joke around make you feel so comfortable, but push you into loving the workout…I’m a lazy person at heart, but they have a way of making me push myself and have so much fun while I’m doing it. I’m a PIT guy for life! Thank you Matt Ramey and Pat Williams for making working out so much fun.”

– Joeprime-intensity-training-pit-testimonial-image-joe-bucci

I came to PIT by chance with my friend who wanted to check out their two free introductory class special. I didn’t know what to expect but was immediately hooked after our trial. The classes aren’t anything I’ve done before. We are constantly moving from exercise to exercise and have group drills in between. The trainers are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, encouraging, and will push you. I feel wonderful and challenged after every workout and am glad I joined!– Joanprime-intensity-training-pit-testimonial-image-joan-wright

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