Meet Our Fitness Trainers in Conshohocken & Philadelphia

Matt Ramey


Years in the industry: 12 years

Why you love fitness/PIT: 

PIT began in a local park with only a few pieces of equipment and an intense mindset on how to push people to their limits with each workout and always deviating from the norm. PIT is unique and original.Playing college football to working as a Deputy Sheriff helped me develop the format of the workout into what it is today! Our classes are team based and our training is functional and mostly sports specific even if you’re an athlete or not.  Its the best way to get any client results.

Favorite type of training/favorite movements: 

Personally my favorite types of movements are compound exercises such as dumbell snatchs, tireflips, keg slams and deadlifts. Its what works best for me to achieve my own results.

Why you love fitness/PIT: 

Being the owner of PIT I still to this day enjoy instructing class and training clients, that look our clients give you after a session, class or training says it all. They know they just finished the best workout they’ll ever do!

Patrick Williams


Years in the industry: 12 years

Favorite type of training/favorite movements: 

I like to mix all types of training together. Powerlifting/bodybuilding/strong man training and Olympic lifting movements, combined with cardio/bodyweight/core exercises. Two of my favorite movements are Barbell squats and Bulgarian split squats. 

Favorite PIT Class to instruct and to take:

My favorite class to instruct is my Thursday 6 am class in Conshohocken. 
I love taking any class by any of the instructors we have our training staff we have is INCREDIBLE. But, hands down my favorite class to take right now is 11:30 am coed Friday in East Falls with Enjoli Segneri. We have a great group of people that come to that class. 

Why you love fitness/PIT: 

I grew up an overweight, unathletic kid. I started lifting weights in my basement when I was 14, and reading bodybuilding magazines. Lifting weights and exercising helped me build confidence, and taught me hard work and discipline. The reason I love PIT is the group/team based atmosphere that our workout promotes. As a bigger guy, I never liked doing “cardio”, but with the constant changing of stations, and the fun/loud atmosphere of our group classes has helped me get into, and stay in, the best shape of my life for over the past 10 years. 

When I’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found;At home with my Wife, and my Fur Children Frosty and Phoebe.

Reading, playing the drums, listening to music, sneakers, tattoos, and eating ALLLLL the food. 

Phil B.

Years in the Industry: 5 years

Why you love fitness/PIT:

I love PIT because it’s an atmosphere I look forward to going to everyday. I can honestly say working here for the last couple of years, witnessing the turnaround in client confidence, body changes, and strength is rewarding for me. My bosses / coworkers are awesome and we have a great time working together. We are all positive, funny, and outgoing people who feed off of watching the people around us get healthier and reach their goals

In 7th grade I started working out with a personal trainer for sports which I continued throughout high school. This opened me up to speed training, strength training, and functional mobility training. Working with these experienced and variety of techniques brought the most out of myself. I now use those techniques and my prior experience to help my clients grow, gain knowledge and learn how to discipline themselves.

Favorite type of training/favorite movements:

Deadlift. Bench.

When i’m not at the gym:

Playing the role as the coolest uncle to my 3 nieces and 2 nephews

Liv f.

Years in the industry: 1 year

Favorite type of training/favorite movements: 

I am a huge fan of resistance training and have been working on getting stronger each day. My favorite day at the gym is when I get to work my back. Though lifting heavy weights is fun, flipping tires and swinging sledge hammers in a PIT coed class never fails to make me break a sweat.

Favorite PIT Class to instruct and to take:

My favorite class though has to be Audra’s DB Compound circuit, try it out if you haven’t already.

When I’m not at the gym:

You can find me at the library working toward my long term career goal of being a Sports Medicine physician!

Danielle D.

Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

Bachelor’s of Science–Nutrition and DieteticsIndiana University of Pennsylvania–2008
Associate’s in Applied Science–Health and FitnessMontgomery County Community College–2013

  • NETA
  • Group FitnessACE
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • AEA
  • Aquatics FItnessBarre Instructor

Why you love fitness/PIT:

Danielle has been a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist since 2013. She started working at a YMCA in Pittsburgh, Pa, until she moved back to the Philadelphia area in 2014 (Philly is home!) Since then, she has taught a variety of different fitness classes and absorbed numerous hours of personal training experience since then. She has completed numerous 5ks, 10ks and the Tough Mudder in 2013. She has also been coaching and teaching nutrition clients for the past five years, teaching them the “why’ food is important, how food works, and how to properly prepare meals to keep accountable during the busy week.

Nutrition has always been an important part of her fitness goals, as well as for her clients. She believes ‘sustainable’ nutrition for the long run will continue to push your fitness goals forward for years to come–there is no quick fix to achieve goals. It is about consistency and hard work; no matter how much you work in the gym, it is impossible to get to where you want to be without proper nutrition to accompany the gym. You can still enjoy what you like, just everything in moderation! There are no ‘diets’ with Danielle. Just consistent meals paired with a badass fitness routine.

Katie W.

Years in the industry: 3 years

Why you love fitness/PIT: 

As a coach my goal is to have the most positive impact on the lives of the people that I work with; helping them become the healthiest, happiest, highest performing versions of themselves. This goes way beyond helping people look the best that they ever have, that’s a GIVEN, this also covers mindset, nutrition, motivation and lifestyle.

I’ve been a coach since 2019 but my love for fitness and living an active lifestyle began when I was a teenager. My fitness journey has taken me on one wild ride! I’ve gained training in body building, nutrition, mindset, olympic lifting, HIIT, and most recently, women’s bikini fitness competitions.
I strongly believe that our health and performance isn’t something we complete. It’s an ongoing, ever evolving process. The motivation comes from within. No one can hand it to you, but no one can take it away either.

Tim Z.

Years in the industry: 5 years

Favorite type of training/favorite movements: Deadlift

Why you love fitness/PIT: 

I’ve always loved playing and watching sports. I liked going to the gym, but learned to develop a passion for it, learned to love it. Making the connection between effort, consistency and results has made all the difference. I love to instil that dedication in others. There is no better feeling as a trainer than having a client obtain a goal, something they may have thought impossible. The people at PRIME INTENSITY TRAINING, the clientele, trainers and owners create an awesome environment which make for one of the most badass gyms around!  

Paul D.

Years in the industry: 7 years

Favorite type of training/favorite movements:

I love doing circuit style or superset lifting to maximize time efficiency. My favorite movements are Box Squats, Barbell Push Press, and Farmer Carries

Favorite PIT Class to instruct and to take:

I enjoy running my Women’s Strength and my Men’s Strength classes. There’s nothing better than those groups of strong individuals motivating eachother and getting stronger every week.

My favorite class to take is the 6AM Tuesday Co-Ed. There’s no greater feeling than when it’s only 7AM and you’ve already gotten an incredible workout in.

Why you love fitness/PIT:

I am passionate about fitness because it’s a never-ending journey of self improvement. There is ALWAYS something new to learn and something you can build upon. Challenging yourself consistently doesn’t just build you up physically, it has a huge influence in all facets of your life by teaching you fortitude, perseverance, and a growth-mindset.

I love PIT because it’s not just a gym. It’s a community and a family. Some of my best friends are from PIT, people that came to my wedding, people I celebrate birthdays with, people I care about. The PIT family has been together for everything from charity functions and flood recovery to rallying around keeping the gym afloat through the COVID pandemic. You come here to work out, but you stay for the people.

When I’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found hanging out with my wife and dogs, listening to music, gathering with friends in Conshy, or cooking.


Weightlifting, Any & All Sports, Singing, Dogs, Italian Food, Breakfast, Boxing, Cooking

Phil C.

Years in the Industry: 2 years

Favorite Training: Boxing, Deadlfting & Footwork Drills

Favorite PIT Class: Men’s Strength w/ Paulie D.

Why you love fitness/PIT:

Training clients and working out at PIT is an uplifter to all senses. Boxing sessions in a 1 on 1 format are dynamic education. It’s the physical equivalent of learning a musical instrument where repetition, focus, and consistency are key. The mental acuity and focus to nailing down new movements sharpen even the best athletes to an even finer point.

Overall, the workouts and trainers at PIT are top notch in technique, energy and motivation. The members are incredible at bringing their best to make each class and session an effective workout, You’ll laugh, cry, and love the vibe where everyone is appreciated and welcome. From the owners on down the line, the PIT experience is like no other.

When I’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found at Tees Driving Range getting better and worse at golf simultaneously.


Family, New Uncle to 2 nephews, Golf, Guitar, Meditation, Music, Reading, Prayer, Investing, Advertising, Boathouse Wings, El Limon. Just bought a new road bike so there’s that too.

Audra C. 

Years in the industry: 4 years

Favorite type of training/favorite movements: 

My favorite type of training is strength training. 

Favorite PIT Class to instruct and to take: 

My favorite PIT class to instruct would be my Tuesday 6am because it was my first ever class that Matt and Pat gave to me. I’m a huge morning person so I love being loud and making my morning classes super fun while getting a great workout. 

My favorite class to take would be Matt’s advanced class on Saturday mornings, because it really pushes me and makes me work harder than I ever have before. 

Why you love fitness/PIT:

I love fitness because I love pushing myself everyday. I love seeing what limits I can exceed. 

PIT shows me all of this and that’s why I love it here. There is really nothing else like it. It is by far the best gym with the best trainers and workouts. I love PIT and love being a trainer here. 

When i’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found hanging out with my beautiful daughter Nyla. 


My favorite interests are sports & animals. My favorite hobbies are playing softball and basketball and just being in the gym. 

Emily K.

Years in the industry: 10 years

My favorite type of training is strength training:

Deadlifting, back squatting, and benching are a few of my favorite movements.

My favorite class to instruct:

My favorite class is the coed class. The DB compound class is by far my favorite class to take.

Why you love fitness/PIT:

I love fitness because of the pure enjoyment it gives me and how it brings people together. It has shaped me into who I am today and I truly cannot picture my life without it. PIT is such a big example of this. The sense of community is unmatched. From the owners, to the trainers, clients, and of course the workouts, there is nothing quite like it.

When I’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found playing fetch with my dog Mochi

My hobbies/interests:

My hobbies are traveling, sports, hiking, running, paddleboarding

Enjoli “Zuzhie Smudgie” S. 

Years in the industry: 3 years as a trainer

Favorite type of training/favorite movements:

I love hypertrophy & strength training (body building style)!

Favorite PIT Class to instruct and to take:

Tied between Relays with the legend himself, Patrick and COED with Alex because she loves making us do burpees and I love doing them! I coach coed classes. I like to mix it up though and sprinkle in some relays and advanced bits! 

Why you love fitness/PIT:

There literally is nothing like PIT!!! Our classes combined strength, endurance, and FUN! My speed and cardio have improved so much from taking classes here!

When i’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found running around with my dog, Primo! We love being outside hiking in the woods.


I went to art school, so when I don’t have dumbbells in my hands, I’ll probably have a paint brush! Very into music!!! I’m also a huge marvel nerd.

Dr. Jory Davis, PT, DPT

Years in the industry: 10+ Years

Favorite type of training: HITT

Favorite PIT Class: I like the standard PIT class which is anything but standard. This class kicks your butt!

Why you love fitness/PIT: PIT is like no other training gym. This is truly a unique experience! I love how the classes challenge me to push myself harder than I would at any other gym. Great camaraderie of the group!

When i’m not at the gym: I can usually be found traveling with my family, beaching and eating at new places( I’m a foodie). I opened my own business last year where I provide in-home physical therapy and training.

Audrianna S. (call me Audri)

Years in the industry: 1 year

Favorite type of training: Resistance training

Favorite PIT Class to take: Relays with Pat

Favorite class to instruct: Women’s strength 

Why you love Fitness/PIT:

Fitness is my therapy. It’s the best form of stress relief. I couldn’t function without it. It’s amazing what a workout at PIT can do to shift your energy after a long day at the office. The community at PIT is unlike any other. It’s like one big family where everyone supports each other and cheers each other on. You won’t find that anywhere else. PIT is truly unique. 

When I’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found in the woods! I love hiking and get outdoors any chance I can.


Petting dogs, eating all the food, and traveling everywhere.

Alexandra D.

Years in the Industry: 3 years

Favorite Type of Training/Favorite Movements:

Heavy compound movements (squats and deadlifts) but I also love burpees, lots and lots of burpees. 

Favorite PIT Class to Instruct:

Regular PITFavorite Class to Take: Dumbbell Circuits (sometimes I like to switch it up)

Why you love fitness/PIT:

I love being active and pushing myself to go harder and further than I thought I could. PIT pushes you with every class, and it never really gets easier. The PIT community is unmatched, they are now my closest friends!

When I’m not at the gym:

I can usually be found: either out with friends having a good time, at a concert or sporting event, or on my couch 🙂

Kevin M.

Years in the industry: 12

Favorite Training: Boxing and Compound Exercises

Favorite PIT Class: Men’s Strength

Why you love fitness/PIT:

I took my first PIT class when it was located at the fellowship house in Conshohocken. It was one of the most challenging and unique workouts I’ve ever taken. I have always been active with my hobbies and played sports thru college. I needed a gym that pushed me to my limits and PIT did just that.

I also love taking classes and teaching at PIT because of the people. The clients are driven with similar fitness goals and the trainers are dedicated, experienced and passionate. PIT is more like a family, and I am privileged to be part of such an amazing community.

Favorite type of training/favorite movements:

Boxing adds to an already unique format of training and fitness offered at PIT. Clients are taught the fundamentals of boxing with a challenging circuit workout experience.

When I’m not at the gym:

I can be found at my job in education, with friends and family or with my dog Rocky.