5 BIG Benefits of Group Fitness Training Classes

Author: Katie W.

You did it! You made the commitment to invest in your health and fitness. You have goals, and you are determined to meet them. So, you join your local gym, buy a new pair of trainers and schedule time within your busy schedule to show up for yourself. That is the first step to any fitness journey and it’s worth celebrating. But you get to the gym, and you have NO CLUE where to start. We can all confidently say that we have been there before, and suddenly you lose the desire to workout. 

The benefits of exercise are long listed, and any form of exercise is good for you. But, when it comes down to it, and we look at science, we learn that our bodies react in the most remarkable ways depending on the environment. Working out around others, in a group setting, will boost your results and improve your overall fitness and healthy mindset abilities. At Prime Intensity Training, we see this often, as we are first hand witnesses to our members’ results. People are more motivated, get stronger and reach their goals faster when they work out in a group setting. Let’s look at some of the benefits of group training below. 

1. Increase Your Commitment To A Fitness Routine

This could possibly be the biggest benefit to group training. Taking part in a PIT class makes it even easier for you to show up each and every time. Training with others fosters a community, one focused on health and fitness. You’ll look forward to working out, with like-minded people who will help push you a bit further, challenge you and hopefully make the workout more fun! You’ll be surprised at how encouraging it can be to see the same faces every week, and how the outside accountability can make it seem like not working out is never an option. Especially when you go to the same classes, the coach and members will notice when you skip. Even if they don’t, you will assume that they do and that can be enough to get yourself to class!

2. Extra Motivation in a Group Setting

We all know that we can push ourselves on our own. But there always seems to be a few more reps left in you when your coach is counting down, and when the group is working out together. With PIT members around you, you will be less inclined to stop with two more reps to go, when everyone else is working just as hard. Motivation improves because group workouts are filled with encouragement. When you workout with the right people, you get uplifted and encouraged to do your best. 

3. You Will BUILD Lean Muscle And BURN Fat

The most effective exercises for burning fat and building lean muscle are compound- meaning they work several muscle groups at once. An example of a compound exercise would be the squat. Squats work the glutes, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings and abdominals. Compound exercises burn more calories, build lean muscle and improve overall strength, elevate your heart rate, improve coordination, improve flexibility and are an efficient use of your time. 

4. Group Training Makes You Stronger, Faster, & More Explosive

Intense group fitness classes will boost your results in a major way! Yes, it’s true. How is this? It’s pretty much guaranteed that you will be working out with people of various fitness levels. Working out with others who are slightly more experienced can help you improve your form, but equally, working out with people who are less experienced may help you feel more comfortable within the class. We should also talk about something called “friendly competition”. Working out with others promotes you to push yourself even further and harder. We see how hard others are working, so we try to compete with them to stay on their level. When you have another person to gauge your progress against, you can see if you are really giving it your all. You then naturally challenge yourself to work hard and begin to build habits that will help you reach your goals. 

5. Realize Your True Potential

If YOU set goals, stay consistent, and follow the direction of your coaches… YOU WILL GET RESULTS!  When you exercise you find more opportunities to feel proud about yourself. This is even more so when you start to see the results. 

There are so many reasons why working out in a group is more beneficial than doing it solo. From the physical advantages, like better performance and improved form, to mental benefits such as boosted moods, working out with others has positive effects on your overall fitness and well-being. Exercising with like-minded people can make all the difference in your commitment to your healthy lifestyle. PIT Trainers and members will motivate you to attend classes and push yourself harder, helping to positively affect the amount, quality, and intensity of your workouts.