5 Fitness and Life Benefits of Group Fitness Training Classes

Author: TC-2000

There are many benefits from group fitness classes, such as those offered by Prime Intensity Training in Conshohocken, PA. The group workout format continues to grow in popularity across the country, particularly as we emerge from the pandemic and people venture back into gyms for the first time in almost two years.  

1. Find Your Motivation, And Keep It. 

We all know how hard it can be to take that first step. Even for those who are in the routine of working out regularly, we can get into a rut, making it harder to stay motivated. When you are part of a group attacking a work out together, and being led by certified trainers, being in this environment gives many the push they need to dig down deep, get that extra rep, and endure through that next challenge. To quote the well-known author Louisa May Alcott, “It takes two flints to make a fire”. We are social creatures, and the team environment fosters our motivational development.

2. Be Consistent…By Being Accountable. 

To see the results we want, we have to be consistent. The tricky part is that every day is a battle. We have family, work, and our social lives all competing for shelf space in our busy lives. Fitting in gym time can be tough. We may plan to go for an early morning run, but when the alarm goes off at 6 A.M., that plan we made the night before doesn’t stop us from hitting the snooze button. However, when you plunk down your hard-earned cash and book your spot in a group class the night before, the statistics show that we are more likely to follow through. It is very likely that you’ll stick to that workout schedule you planned – and you’ll be glad you did.

3. Build Variety Into Your Workouts. 

Working out can be monotonous by its very nature. Almost as important as determining the right  workouts to get the results you want is knowing how to keep it fresh so that you don’t lose your drive. Many gyms offer a variety that is hard to replicate by working out on your own. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength Training, and Functional Training are just a few of the specifically designed workouts that you can have regular access to through many of today’s gyms. Different fitness trainers also have different styles, and this can help to keep the experience fun and interesting. An added benefit is that you won’t have to come up with any of this on your own. The structure is already built for you.  If you wake up sore and want to switch out your strength class for a functional mobility session, you’ll have that option. 

4. Be A Part of A Diverse Community. 

It’s not a competition. It’s not about being the biggest, strongest, or fastest. As a matter of fact, many gyms that offer group training sessions provide an experience that brings people together. That is, the participants in a group session are members of the same team. Every person there had to start somewhere. The members motivate each other, push each other, and oftentimes socialize outside of class. The personal and social aspects of your health and fitness can often be understated, but the opportunity to meet a group of people who you otherwise might not be important. You will be exposed to people of different skill sets, backgrounds, and body types, and the relationships you build are a big part of what makes a gym a community. It might not be what you think of when joining a gym, but you will find yourself with a support system that you may not otherwise have known existed. 

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